(of student-led organisations in Thailand)

The options: whether it is merely by promoting their cause and donating to them (often you get 100% transparency with where the money is going with these organisations - unlike those bigger foundations), or by joining their executive team (lots of the organisations below are open to this - read their full details),  collaborating with them (so many different opportunities and ways to do this! e.g. co-hosting events), and physically volunteering, there are so many ways in which you can get involved and achieve your goals as well as those of other like-minded young people.


This list is especially helpful for those of you who are thinking of starting your own organisation; we recommend it as a resource to find others who are successfully executing similar ideas to your own - perhaps they have the same core mission or have organised a fund raising event that you are planning on doing. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them for advice, or for more information on what their process was - we are a community who wants to see each other succeed and are completely happy to help each other!


If you are a student-led organisation based in Thailand and do not see yourself on this list, please email us or fill in the form at the bottom of this page; we're always looking to expand this list and include as many amazing organisations as possible!

COVID Fighters BKK

Making an impact to help society during COVID-19!

Food Fight COVID

Helping people affected by the pandemic

Heart 4 Health TH

Students with the heart to improve the health of others

We Care The Project

Working to improve the situation of COVID-19

Give to Grow

Promoting mental and physical wellbeing to improve the overall quality of children's livelihoods


Aiming to help the country during quarantine

Volunteer Club Thailand

Supporting those facing all kinds of crises

Masking a Difference TH

A community effort in providing personal protective equipment to those in our area

Us and Forest

Supporting the rainforest and those facing major crises

2 Earth 4 Us

Advocating for the protection of both the planet and the people

The Sea of Hearts

Dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water, while providing weekly facts and stats about the sea

Soonuk Sud Soi

Spreading awareness about the issue of stray animals

Education + Empowerment
Choose Change

A platform to discuss social issues and promote change in our communities through events and articles

Youths for SDGS

Conferences to share ideas regarding global issues and discussing Sustainable Development Goals

Project Red

Empowering menstruators in rural Thailand through access to menstrual education and care


A blog dedicated to getting people interested in economics and empowering them through economic literacy

UnShackled TH

Fighting against gender-based violence in Thailand to create a safer and happier society

Women in Thailand

Empowering, supporting, and protecting all womxn in Thailand

Prism Chat

The platform for all LGBTQ+ people to connect with peer supporters (over 25,000 users)

Senia Youth

Advocating for mental health and differently abled people through inclusion

STEM Youth

Spreading our love for STEM subjects through accessible and engaging courses - and hoping to inspire!

Be my Tulip Club

Promoting and supporting foundations and non-profit organisations

Team Hand in Hand

Raising public awareness and understanding (in schools) of social and environmental issues in Thailand


Providing information on issues that should be discussed, and raising money to support different causes

Proton BKK