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Many students are intimated by the graphs, jargons, and numbers as soon as they're faced with the subject of economics. However, we know that it is so much more than that, and strive to prove it in this blog where we link pop culture to complex economic concepts! For a taste, you can have a read at our post 'Why Thanos is a Terrible Economist.'


The blog also aims to address the issue of the under-representation of women in economics. One of the main reasons of this issue is the lack of interest. By showing girls that economics is not just money and forecasting, the blog can attract more girls to the field. We are planning to write more about this topic, and we encourage others to submit their pieces on this as well! 

In summary, our aims are:

  • To empower girls to pursue the field of economics 

  • To educate young students and help them achieve economic literacy

  • To encourage students to enjoy economics

How you can become involved with us:

  • DM for collaboration

  • Become a guest blogger and submit your own posts/articles to us! (Ideas below, any questions just DM us)

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @stayecon


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  2. General writing guidelines

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