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COVID Fighters BKK

Covidfighters.bkk started off as an organisation aimed to raise money and awareness about the COVID-19 outbreak. As we raised more and more awareness, we soon realised that this outbreak affects more than what you assume, which is why we also chose to donate to different organizations that are indirectly affected by the outbreak, such as elephant sanctuaries or local community charities. Gaining an audience allowed us to begin even more projects such as 'TOYS for DEKTHAI' which allows people to donate their old toys, books or anything that would benefit lives of children in more rural areas. Covidfighters.bkk opens a door for us to create a positive impact in society as a whole, so please stay tuned and follow us for upcoming projects in the future and the ways you can take part.

Note from founder: We also want to support anyone who wants to start their own charity project - feel free to contact us for tips of how and where to start!

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @covidfighters.bkk


Phone: +66 94 415 1965

Line QR Code


(for even more contact details and info)

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  1. How to donate

  2. 999 Face shields project

  3. Money raised as of Apr. 10th 2020 for 999 face shields project

  4. The TOYS for DEKTHAI project

  5. One of the dozens of schools we've supported through this program

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