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Masking a Difference TH

"Ma(s)king a difference" is a community based organisation that supplies PPE such as hand-sewn masks to those in need.

Attention to all juniors, friends and seniors: application to be part of our organisation is currently open - you can find the form here.

This is an amazing opportunity to boost up your portfolios and join an organisation with many international branches right at the tip of your fingers. Volunteers are eligible for affirmative certification. Commitment is required but you certainly won't be overworked. Many positions in various departments are available - you can find the details for each in the form - so you can find and choose one that fits just right for you. Please keep in mind that some positions are very limited!

Thank you for reading this far; we're constantly reviewing applications so it's never too late to join! Hope to get to work together soon. 

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @maskingadifferenceth


Phone: +66 90 469 5469


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