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Senia Youth

We are a student run and founded organization operating as a greater part of SENIA (Special Education 
Network and Inclusion Association) International, dedicated to advocating for mental health and differently abled people through inclusion with lots of resources for other people to help too.

Ways you can get involved with us:

  1. Start your own SENIA Youth chapter/join the SENIA Youth club network (lots more info, direct instructions, and resources for this on our here)

  2. Apply to be part of our executive team (we have lots of positions available at the moment, info here)

  3. Become a volunteer for an inclusion event! (Just DM us)

  4. Reach out to us for collaboration

  5. Recommend a youth activist/organization for our activism spotlight (posted about on social media)

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @seniayouth


Phone: +66 95 415 0081


  • Instagram
  1. A campaign we launched in honour of MHA month 2020

  2. Some of the resources we spread awareness of

  3. An activism spotlight post

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