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2 Earth 4 Us

A group of high school students advocating for the protection of both the planet and the people.


Our team works on beach clean-ups, and regular trips to Samut Prakan to plant mangroves with the money that we've raised ourselves! If you follow our instagram you'll get lots useful of information on the environment, recycling, and sustainable living - including insider tips for those living in Thailand (e.g. the best places to go thrifting). We've also got lots of great vegan-friendly recipes that you might want to check out.

Currently, we're selling 1312* t-shirts for just 299 baht each. These shirts are made from quality surplus fabrics from garment factories. From production to packaging, we're ensuring it's as sustainable as possible with the least amount of plastic used. Please DM us to order some! This project is in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so all proceeds will be going to the National Bail Fund, the Black Trans Women Fund, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the BLM Fund.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @2earth4us


Facebook: @2earth4us

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  1. Our 1312* T-shirts available for purchase

  2. 1312* Size Chart

  3. Mangrove planting

  4. One of our many delicious recipes

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