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Food Fight COVID

We're a student-led organisation helping the people most affected by the pandemic - giving out free food, and donating medical equipment to rural hospitals. Even after the pandemic is over, we will continue to donate food and necessities to those who can't afford them, since one of our goals is zero hunger.


Please donate to support our project! Any amount of money goes a long way. You can see the donation information in the gallery below.

Follow our instagram for weekly updates of exactly where the money is going, and the things we are doing.

We're also super happy to welcome anyone who wants to come donate and give out food with us! Just get in contact - we'll arrange the time and place with you.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @foodfightcovid (Just DM us!)

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  1. Bank details for donation

  2. One of the places we helped with our MedEquip project

  3. One of the days from our Food Fight Project

  4. The money we already raised just after 3 weeks of starting!

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