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We Care The Project

A non-profit student-led organization working to ameliorate the situation of COVID-19. 

Not only are we working hard to put out as much useful information as we can on COVID-19 on our social media (tips on hand-sanitizer usage, the proper way to wash your hands, the exact lockdown guidelines and more), we are also working hard to use all the donations we received from our first donation round for good causes. We raised a total of 37,970.85 baht, a lot of which went directly to Sawangweerawong Hospital, while 3,870 baht of it went towards buying thermometer jumpers for Sawangweerawong school, and the rest of the money went towards other donations we made that you can see below in our gallery and on our instagram.

If you'd really like to contribute to this incredibly important cause, please follow us on our instagram/check it regularly because that is where we'll keep you informed about when our next donation round will open, and all the information involved.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @wecaretheproject

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  1. Giving out free hand sanitizers to street sellers

  2. Reasons for why we put 3,780 baht from our total donations towards buying 2 thermometer jumpers for Sawangweerawong school in Ubonratchathani

  3. Over 200 alcohol sprays successfully donated to the Foundation of the Blind in Thailand - 26th May 2020 

  4. Donations (inc. diapers and 150 bottles of alcohol hand sprays) for Ban Bang Khae Nursing Home

  5. Total donations from our last donation round - thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

  6. Essential information that everyone needs to know - we're keeping everyone informed with these super concise and helpful posts!

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