We are a student-led organization with the goal of raising public awareness and understanding of social and environmental issues in Thailand. 

We provide important information on issues that should be discussed on our instagram, and have lots of projects with proceeds going to different charitable causes supporting people in our country. Follow our instagram account to stay updated! We will soon be selling stickers and other items.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @tsgbis

Email: thaistu0@gmail.com

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  1. Donation information for e-calendars (money goes to support Chiangmai and Chiangrai where they are still being affected by the forest fires - every little helps) Just send us a screenshot of your donation slip and we will send you an e-calendar (no minimum price)

  2. E-calendar designs

  3. A slide from out 'Apps' highlight on instagram - check it out! There are lots of ones that enable you to volunteer/make a difference from home, all for worthwhile causes

  4. A couple of our instagram posts keeping people informed on things everyone should know