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Youths for SDGS

Youths for SDGs is an annual 2-day academic conference and competition for high school students from international schools to create a network to share ideas regarding global issues, discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, and develop inventive, yet sustainable solutions for world problems. You can register (each September) for this event (takes place January)  through your school - if they haven't been contacted by us already, reach out to us yourselves so that we can sort it out.

This year, because of quarantine, we've also launched a virtual event, 'Environment and the Pandemic Edition', aside from our regular conference event. You can see the details about it in the first picture of the gallery below, with even more information on our website. Each week, a podcast interview is also being released, which is super exciting - they're all on different topics by experts in that particular field to do with the environment!

Even if you aren't a part of our team, we always have lots of opportunities for other teenagers to collaborate, (for example, earlier this year, we had 15 people from different schools who were familiar with and passionate about the social issues we were focused on to help us lead the event), so do reach out to us if you'd like to help!

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @youthsforsdgs


Phone: +66 83 139 3399

Facebook: @Youths4SDGs


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  1. Our online quarantine context-specific case competition, focusing on the environment and how advocacy and initiatives can morph due to the pandemic and the “New Normal” aftermath

  2. 1st place winners from 2020's conference!

  3. Everyone who took part in the 2020 conference

  4. The 4th episode of our podcast

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