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Project Red

A high school club based in ISB empowering menstruators in rural Thailand through access to menstrual education and care. Let’s all help shatter myths and prejudice against menstruation, thus lifting girls to prosper. 

With the help of donations and proceeds from our fundraising events, we've raised enough money to donate 268 sanitary pads and 10 litres of hand sanitizer to victims of domestic violence seeking refuge in temporary shelters.

Donate now to support women in need of hygiene supplies! 

Bank name: TMB Bank

Account number: 235-2-20990-8

Every donation counts - all donations go directly towards our worthwhile mission. (View our instagram for direct updates of where your money is going)

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Contact Us:



Phone: +66 93 664 4816

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  1. Complete donation information

  2. Dropping off the pads and hand sanitizers

  3. Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day (28th May)

  4. A fundraising event to help raise more awareness

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