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"yes. bye, love you."

"have a good day."

i love riding on the bts

in the morning-time.

trains gliding past

just-awaking citizens

in their multi-complex

apartments and

street-side homes,

where if the windows

were to open i'd smell

the scent of fresh goods,

of fruits and smoky meat

(which i'd avoid at all cost)

and vendors just starting

their day's worth of earnings.

yellow seats lining trains

and seats occupied in

alternating sequences,

window-side all around

like a plane -

window panes reflecting

hazy morning fog

and transcending whispers

of dim sunlight through

Bangkok's encapsulating smog.

i make my way

half-dazed, west to east,

catching near-missed trains

and leaving floorspace for

incoming passengers.

bang wa to siam

and change my line,

onwards to on nut and

towards school-time.

early morning rises and

half-cupped coffees

(as coffee is addictive

so i am half an addict),

making my way half-asleep

through my daily routines.

semi expectant for

something spectacular

to happen:

people breaking out

to dance

or sing

or laugh in

marvellous expressions of

genuine happiness

as confusion and

suppressed smiles

paint our masked faces.

but no -

everything is normal,


wake up eat get dressed

get to school get stressed-

because life waits for nobody

and i'm just an

infinitesimal body

in a sea of

distinctive bodies

making their way through life

every. single. day.

left half-satisfied,



of what awaits on the

other side

of this seemingly

rhythmic existence

that so defines me.

alas, we persist

in the


of our strange

familiarities -

in our peculiar

beauty of simply


here comes my station now.

time to get moving and

forget my half-hearted fantasies

as I continue to exist

with nothing but dreams

without basis-

only disrupted internal wishes

that form part of my

normal - daily - routines.


By Shruti Dubey

1st Place Poem of TYE x Your Words Matter To Us Competition


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