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"(when naef said goodbye because i was a loser.)"

"woah, you're such a big loser," naef said.

yeah, i'm a freaking loser.

can't be the life of the party i guess.

even though there's nothing left to lose,

because i've run for zilch, then i scream.

feels like i've broken an insignificance of me.

the death of a broken time

a receding trust, i'll manage just fine.

i'll wear my shadows on my sleeve

watch them admonish a Satan of heavenly sin.

dusty wishes and sparks fly with smoke.

twenty minutes, thirty seconds and i finally try.

guessing it'll not be a lie.

knocking on withering doors of childhood,

admiration; rusty.

till a moment arrives,

i will wait for a Leo Cruz,

a Timothée Chalamet.

till a moment, i'll wait and wave for the clouds to retreat, sheets closed.

i'll wave for the beauties to cease.

a knight deceased.

i wipe my mouth: smothered lipstick;

get me the check please.

i'm a loser. winning isn't a deal

smiling on the loss of an angel is now a fickle story; ocean's teal.

plummet through wavering sounds, harps destroyed.

a loser, a smoker of rolls made of untapped feelings and weeded memories.

cleaning them, i'll slowly lose myself into

his arms; with gasps of collision

singing for me.


by Alex Lovegood

Based off our prompt: 'Begin your poem with the last thing someone said to you.'


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