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Mireya's poems

tell me something good

at the end of the world i say

tell me something good

and god responds

there is nothing good left.

at the end of the world

there is nothing but a cold stillness

a quiet

in the way there are no songbirds,

not even after dawn

and the night sky burns blue with the absence of stars.

i ask for salvation and god gives me a prayer.

the purple daylight falls like molten glass on my skin and swallows me whole this is the type of drowning which forgives too quickly

everything starts and ends with an aching in my bones.

everything ends with a burning.

a home coming

i walk home

drag my feet against the pavement where i once laid down to look up at the cold,

blue frozen stars

imagine them burn



you cannot close the lid on a coffin so easily. in the end, don't we all want to come home?

in the kitchen window i see dust gathering and behind it, light.

in this dream

my parents,

crinkly clean and made of paper

lay out dinner on the kitchen table

i draw two holes for their mouths

red circles

opening in laughter

in my dream

the sickly taste of honey in my mouth

something like oranges

something red and smouldering like a bruise i light a match

[my paper people]

in my dream, i light a match

[my paper parents]

i am the gasoline.

into ash

home is a bad place where bad things grow

the rot calcifies under my fingernails

finds its way under my veins and into my


my father shouts

and all the world goes still

he is angry.

he is angry, and he is fire.

and my lungs have never known air

the way my chest rises and falls is not to breathe

but a struggle to expel ash from the burning

deep inside my throat.


By Mireya Ho

In collaboration with YWMTU (@yourwordsmattertous)


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