I used to be longing

About belonging

But it need not be long

Until I belong

To find a ray I belong in

To have a say and bellow and

Never again lie below an

Echelon that’s bygone an

Emotion that’s by far in

Truth, I have bore and been

What for the belligerence

When benevolence is in abundance

Recognize the prism I bask in

The spectrum beautifying my becoming

Above and beyond

Constructs failed in bearing

My natural state of being

I used to be longing

About belonging

But it need not be long




- Kamori

A poem by Kamori T., and 18 year old psychology student in Thailand

"The inspiration behind this poem is my family member, my friends, and the unexpected but very welcomed passing of same sex union in Thailand. I have known LGBTQ+ people all my life and although it sounds mundane, I’d like to attend my LGBTQ+ friends’ marriage and see them raise beautiful children like I would be able to for that of my straight friends’ and myself. I believe that just because you are not benefiting directly from a particular change does not mean that you are not included in the cathartic narrative."

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