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The SOAR Podcast

We'd like to introduce to you...

"Hi, my name is Yajat Gupta and I am a 16 year old who launched a podcast called SOAR (Spread of Active Reading). This project began as an initiative to help the visually impaired, in which I created my own website and had book trailers, so that those who cannot see could gain an interest in reading, receiver recommendations for good books to read, and use their imagination to explore mystical worlds and stories. I eventually realised that SOAR could be used to help everyone, so I converted it into a podcast with the same idea of having book trailers. These trailers give a summary of the book without spoilers, ask questions to raise suspense, and analyse the book with insightful information as well."

Podcast available on Facebook, Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and numerous other podcast platforms.

This project has stemmed from Yajat's own love of reading, as well as his wish to see an increase in global reading rates - you do not have to be visually impaired to benefit from these episodes (each with unique, lesser-known facts included), and perhaps you'll find your new favourite book through them! Yajat has also divided the different episodes into seasons with a different theme, the current one being 'Books that also exist as movies.'

We really recommend that you have a look at his podcast and spread the word, judging by these rave reviews...


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