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The Importance of Increasing Youth Access to Quality STEM Education

From the teen founders of GenSTEM, Thailand:

Throughout Thailand, many children, especially those in rural areas, are not receiving quality STEM education. After children complete their lower secondary education, only 46% reach the minimum proficiency in mathematics. Our motives are largely based off Global Goal 4, Quality Education, because we believe in change and equal opportunity. Despite efforts to improve, the quality of education in public schools is not as high as it should be.

As time passes, it has become increasingly obvious to us that many children are unjustly receiving low quality education; therefore we have made it our mission to help those in marginalised communities expand their STEM knowledge, through the use of workshops and resources. Being a non-profit organization allows others to receive quality education at no additional cost, because we believe everyone should have access to STEM education. We will continue to push towards a future where everyone receives quality STEM education; that is our mission and will strive to achieve it.


Instagram: @genstem.youth


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