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"The Pier: A Broken Soul"

I am the pier,

Afraid to be remembered as simple and mere.

I remember that feeling all too well,

To be branded as something replaceable; easy to sell.

I experience the world’s emotions without a taste of my own,

As I endlessly eye the gentle sand drifting and being blown.

The ocean’s water is persistent in reaching the shores,

As it caresses the sand it deeply adores.

When the word ‘significant’ is brought to mind,

I wish to be recalled and brought to life.

Remembered from a vantage point of a million years,

As more than old wooden planks trodden by your heels.

I hold so many stories, a piece of everyone’s life,

I wish people felt they owed me more than a quick visit once or twice.

Even as time dissipates, I feel their grip on my heart,

As the courtesy of nostalgia makes me wish they’d come back.

Without hesitation, I was walked on every day,

Now I wait for a single footstep to come my way.

The smithereens of my heart still ache for you,

Alive with the hope that you may come back out of the blue.


By Sanjana Karthik

In collaboration with YWMTU (@yourwordsmattertous)


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