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"how are empty hands the heaviest?"

when love was offered to me,

i feared i couldn't write a song about it,

so i forgot all my music.

i feared i couldn't braid flowers

and vines to make a crown

of affection

to wear it on my head one day,

to say that i-

i have love on my palms

and say that i

am crowned with love.

love once made me highlight my fears and asked me:

how will you accept all of me?

will you only see me as a motif stitched on a big cloth of pity?

will you throw me away one day saying you are


of me?

i'll answer today:

i am weary of all the love offered to me

so i let love slide off my hands, get cold feet.

and then you can ask why my hands weigh the heaviest;

and i'll tell you

how they once carried love and never got used to it.


By aayushi

In collaboration with YWMTU (@yourwordsmattertous)


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