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Photo series by Frijke Coumans

Tower 01, Gardeners of Desire, Nijmegen

Dahlia 01, Gardeners of Desire, Veldhoven

Rose, Sleeping with the Fishes, Munster

White Flowers, Try purple without blue, Bardi


About this series:

"I’m intrigued by the difficult relation between the desire for control and balance, and the desire for chaos and irrationality. I find these seemingly contradictory desires strikingly present in everyday life. The relationship between the not-knowing, not comprehending and our continuing desire seems very important to me. This can be expressed in photography: it ensures that you have to use your imagination.

Agitation in my head and unanswered questions do not fit in harmonious and controlled environments. Unanswered questions represent a need, and fuel my projects and correspond to desire. My photo series are full of chaos, not-knowing, impressions and questions, led by an apparent makability born in the mind, which however cannot be controlled."

You can find more of Frijke Coumans' beautiful work here:


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