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I grew in warm soil,

tugged my roots from the sticky

earth and planted them in concert halls, watered

with dreams that aren’t mine.

I was born when I cried

over you in the pool and in the gardens,

beneath that weathered willow tapping its gentle fingers on my toes.

When I was born, I kissed

the stars in the night sky with my tiny lips. I try

to kiss them every night. I am born in the soft

rolling of the hills, the flower-dusted greenery that embraces

singing souls and plucks on the silent ones.

I am born each day when the sun ripens

on the trees and I breathe it sweetly,

sacredly, wholly into

my open mouth. One day I will have an answer.


By Miri Lauson, 18 years old

"I was inspired by those poems that talk about the different moments in your life that cause you to become a different person, a rebirth of sorts, and I wanted to try writing my own."


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