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"Dear Future Self"

Dear future self,


It’s me, or you, and you,

At the very same time.

You are me, and I am you,

But years before.

I wonder if you’ll think of me.

I know I do.

I wonder how you’ll be.

Tall, average, or short,

Ultra smart, I guarantee.

So I’ve decided to write this letter,

For the future self of me.

I predict how the world will be,

When you’re alive,

And I think not that great.

I think of wastelands, heat waves, fear.

Of robots made of nails and gears.

Extinction of the greatest breeds

Of plants that die when they’re still seeds.

I think of the future and I shudder,

But know that there will be no other.

So if the world turns out like this

I want you to just not forget,

What the world was really like,

When nature, beauty, and life were still alive.

Please don’t forget the feeling of wet grass against your feet,

Of crickets chirping through your sleep

Of birds singing their morning tweet,

Of diving down into the ocean deep.

Just don’t forget about these things,

Since you do not know what the future brings.

Remember walking through the forest floor,

Exploring parks, oceans, and more,

Remember a world not full of trash,

A place that’s not burned down to ash,

A world where wasted Earth was just a guess,

When campaigns and clubs still tried to stop this mess.

Remember the good things from before

The good things that everyone lived for.

But maybe the world won’t be like this,

It could be very different,

A better, brighter, greener world,

With trees and bees,

And no debris.

With laughter and joy,

With sunlight for all to enjoy.

I hope that this is the world that you’ll see.


The younger me.


By Anna Gorovits, 13 years old

“I wrote Dear Future Self because I wanted to try writing a poem in letter-style format. I decided to write it as if it were to my future self. It turned into a poem about global warming, starting off with bad examples of what the future could be like, and ending with a more optimistic guess of the future.”


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