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World Endeavours Virtual Internships in Thailand

- The World Endeavours Virtual International Internship (VII) Program is a remote learning experience focused on career readiness and the development of key professional competencies carried out anywhere with internet access.
- Using various tools including online learning platforms, self-reflection assessments, and regular evaluations, World Endeavours’ virtual internships help propel participants one step closer to their intended career.
- Participants are paired with a host company abroad where they gain first-hand experience with a multitude of remote-working technologies, attain valuable professional skills relevant for their future careers, and learn about the business landscape of a new country – all from the comfort of their home. Through regular interactions with their internship supervisor, participants are exposed to diverse cultures and ideas, and develop critical thinking and communication skills as well as intercultural fluency, which helps prepare them for the job market.
- The courses are available in 9 sectors: arts & design, business & management, communications & media, education & social sciences, engineering & technology, environment & sustainability, health & life sciences, policy & government, tourism & hospitality
- Cost: $1,470
- Duration: 150+ hours of remote work experience

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