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Soonuk Sud Soi

Our objective is to spread awareness about the issue of stray animals and provide the opportunity for students like us to make an impact on this issue by helping our animal companions. By working alongside existing organizations, we can provide a better quality of life for these soi dogs and cats. Currently, it's estimated that there are more than 860,000 stray dogs and cats roaming the streets of Thailand, and unfortunately, the number one cause of this issue is the animal's lack of support and the inevitable abandonment by their owner.

Without our effort to change and improve the welfare of these furry friends, the number of stray animals is estimated to reach 2 million within 7 years. We believe that it is our responsibility to utilize our resources and to capitalise on our passion, in order to make a difference within our community. Our committee members are always ready and open for new members to join, so just get in contact with us to learn more about our project! You can find more details about each of our current members on our instagram page.


Together, we visit animal shelter centres to learn more about the current conditions of the soi dogs, including disabilities that make it difficult for them to walk. These dogs require assistance in helping them get back on their hind legs such as daily therapy (swimming), massages and lots of love. Meanwhile, on our instagram page, we keep you guys informed on important topics such as the dog meat trading industry, and answer questions you may be curious about such as why there are so many soi dogs in Thailand. In these posts, we also recommend great places for you guys to donate to help, with all the details required! (For example, Soi Dog Foundation)

We're also selling a limited quantity of super cute bucket hats embroidered with dogs in pink, white, black and yellow - so DM us if you want to buy some (they're 300 baht each), and all the proceeds go to charity.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @soonuksudsoi

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  1. Our bucket hats! By Angie - DM to buy

  2. Swimming at the animal rescue centre!

  3. Donation info for foundations supporting our cause

  4. Meet our team! Left to right: Prompt, Angie, Fay, Trophy

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