"Gradients of Love"

As the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand fights to legalise same sex marriage, change is needed now more than ever. I took this photograph of a beautiful sunset one evening in the UK and was mesmerised by the capabilities of nature. The colours seen in this photograph: pink, purple and blue represents the bisexual flag and the development of the gradient represents the important change that is taking place. The tree in the centre of the photograph represents how natural and fundamental love is to humans as we all experience this feeling whether that is the love for your family, friends or significant other; both nature and love are fundamental to this world and to us humans, no matter what gender you are attracted to. Please support the community and help legalise same sex marriage in Thailand as everyone deserve rights to love.

Photograph and caption by Grace Sawatyanon, 16

You can find more of her beautiful photography at www.grachay.com


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