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"Economic Problem"

The monetary world is presently tipsy turvy,

As when you gaze upward, down, and around,

You can hear the relentless market that put you down,

We are requesting social assistance to stay over the ground.

Is it a fortuitous event,

Or then again, a result

To turn out to be so poor,

After being so hoggish?

In any event, when the general public is going to be set in a monetary coffin, Advertisers shout uproariously "rescue" is improper,

The law of proficiency;

Presently when the industrialist bull hits a red, not a delicate, but relatively strong divider,

It is the ethical commitment of society to rescue the market,

The new law of false monetary reverence

Thus, what we have today can be classified "to and fro private enterprise,"

A market that consistently wins,

On fun occasions, it raises social failures with its free imperceptible hands,

On terrible occasions, when over-shooting its prey, it requests government benevolence.


By Kamna Sagar

In collaboration with YWMTU (@yourwordsmattertous)


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