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A Muslim Woman

I’m a weak woman, stuck within a hierarchy of power where I stand at the very bottom. Autonomy is an illusion; I rely on men for my own happiness.

This scarf is a symbol of oppression- I don’t have a voice of my own.

I’m a weak woman, and I lack the basic rights of a human being.

You are under the law - no, you were never a part of it, to begin with.

Sit down, cook, and clean; my only identity is the identity of my spouse.

I’m a weak woman - because that’s who you think I am.

My faith and education are more important than my body.

This scarf is a symbol of freedom: see me for what’s in my head, rather than what's on it.

You think you have all the facts and all the figures.

You think you understand who we are.

You think you know us, but you don’t - you have got it all wrong.

I’m a Muslim woman, heaven lies beneath my feet.

The most honourable after God and His messengers is me.

I can choose my own partner and I can mark my own legacy.

I’m a Muslim woman, my independence is not yours to play with.

The law is on my side because I am just as human as a man.


By Tabia Sobahan

In collaboration with YWMTU (@yourwordsmattertous)


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