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why we made this website

tye - Thai Youth Express. Teen Journal. Based in Thailand. Launched: Student Competitions Database. Database for student competitions. Best competitions. Teen writing Thailand. Teen journalism Thailand

As we all have recognized, there are absolutely no nationwide periodicals for teenagers here to get their work published. Compare that to other countries such as the UK or the U.S. where there seems to be an infinite amount: The Apprentice Writer, Teen Ink, The Adroit Journal, Stone Soup … the list is endless.


The idea began when we realised how obscure some of the greatest opportunities to get your work recognized can be, especially when the majority of the competitions you come across are limited to just the citizens of that country – and there really aren’t very many in Thailand. 


From personal experience, we completely understand how difficult it can be to find a competition that actually strikes you as inspirational and perfect, as well as one you are eligible for.

This is why we have spent the past couple of months investing our time into building this site and collating the best and most renowned international competitions into a database which we hope you will put to good use.

Since we are aware that a lot of people will currently be searching for something to work on during this worldwide pandemic, we have put our Competitions Database live before everything else, but we’ll also soon be launching an online (and eventually physical) space for your art to be published – and by art, we mean everything, from opinion pieces on Thai politics or maybe thematic issues integrated in your relatives’ favourite soap opera, to poems, short stories, films, paintings, designs, sketches, projects (such as a fundraising concert or the running of a programming course) – once again, the list goes on. (Submissions for this are now open!) We feel like we often find ourselves thinking, I want to do that when I’m older, or, wow, I can’t wait to get started on that, like something is stopping us from doing it until we’re actual adults. Perhaps the idea is instilled into our culture, perhaps it isn’t, but we just want to say that really, you can join us and start now. We can all make a difference in the world no matter how old we are. And even if you partially want to do it just so it looks good on your CV, or you do it because it’s been your childhood dream forever, we are here to support you and help you. 

So there you have it: Thai Youth Express, also known as tye..........we are very disappointed if you do not get the pun.


P.S. Subscribe so that we can notify you about our launch!

And thank you for supporting our cause - we're forever grateful.

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Things we are working on

  • A summer program database - actually safe, legitimate, perhaps life-changing, and recommended courses/volunteering programs that we and our friends have been on ourselves.

  • A fashion design competition (as sadly there is a disappointing lack of design competitions for those who don't attend fashion school) - the winner(s) will have the opportunity to get their designs produced and sold on our website - they will also get a percentage of the profit while the remainder will go to their chosen charity. Keep posted for this!

  • An annual anthology - comprised of a selection of our favourite articles, stories, poems, and artwork - with the cover art being chosen through our own competition.

  • We want to help you promote your own projects* as much as possible, so we would be happy to film and publicise professional coverage/interviews/an article about your project, just get in touch with us in the 'Contact Us' page!

  • A Thai language version of this website is also in the makings.

  • Of course, we will constantly strive to add more and more competitions to the TYE Competitions Database with the best and newest opportunities we can find. If you have any that you think others definitely shouldn't miss out on, we are completely willing to consider adding them to our page.

  • A monthly charity fundraiser - so if any of you are currently raising money for a cause you believe in, or need money to fund a volunteering project of any kind, get in touch too!

*Projects can include anything from an inspirational art project, a student-led robotics competition, a charity project, an app you designed to help disadvantaged farmers calculate the yield of their crop – whatever is important to you.

  • And...the main goal (obviously, if you read the why we made this website section): A space for students in Thailand to actually express ourselves and our opinions, whether through submitting artwork, our own films, or written articles. Alternatively, you can just be inspired by others' ideas and figure out what you want to do. Or you could enter one of the very many competitions we have added to our database. Whatever you want! We are here to provide support, help you get your work published and projected in a respected means to a wider audience, so that as many people can hear you out as possible. What we're really trying to say is: who says you have to wait to be older 'til you can do or be what you want in the world? 

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