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VSA Playwright Discovery Program Competition

Age limit: 11-18
Young writers with disabilities and collaborative groups of up to 5 students that include students with disabilities, are invited to explore the disability experience through the art of writing for performance-in the form of plays, screenplays, or music theatre. Writers are encouraged to craft '10 minute scripts' of any genre from their own experiences and observations in the style of realism, through the creation of fictional characters and settings, or writing metaphorically or abstractly about the disability experience.
- Ages 11-13 (American Grades 6-7)
- Ages 13-15 (American Grades 8-9)
- Ages 15-18 (American Grades 10-12)

- One winning piece is chosen in each of the Primary and Junior Divisions (grades 6-7 / ages 11-13 and 8-9 / ages 13-15 respectively). Winners in these divisions will be featured in press releases and on the Kennedy Center website.
- Selected winners in the Senior Division (grades 10-12 / ages 15-18) will receive exclusive access to participate in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Washington, D.C. Winners will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals in workshop and further development of their own script, as well as participating in workshops, networking opportunities, and the festival's award ceremony alongside the nation's premier collegiate playwrights and theatre artists.
There are lots of resources on the site to help guide students through the writing process, and submission is free, opening in Autumn this year.

Final Deadline:


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