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Urban Confluence Silicon Valley World-wide Open Ideas Competition

Urban Confluence Silicon Valley is a world-wide open ideas competition (which is open to absolutely everyone) to select a spectacular design for a global iconic landmark that advances humanity in the world's epicentre of innovation! The competition seeks a transformative design complete with dramatic lighting, a net-zero energy approach, and an impressive physical presence that will become a powerful and enduring symbol of how Silicon Valley operates as a bridge from past to present to future. Urban Confluence Silicon Valley can be a structure, an object, a sculpture, a work of architecture-with an activated landscape enjoyed both day and night - it's up to you. Read more about what they are looking for specifically and the reason for this landmark in the additional link at the bottom of this page. The winning design, chosen by the jury out of the shortlisted designs which will be exhibited to the public, will be built and stand as a permanent landmark in downtown San José. You can also work in a team to submit your design.
There is no entry fee.

Final Deadline:

1st Jul.

To read more about the reason for this landmark and what they are looking for:

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