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The Interactive Fiction Competition

Age limit: None
The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp) welcomes all kinds of text-driven digital stories and games, making them freely available in order to encourage the creation, play, and discussion of interactive fiction. Anyone can judge the entries on a one-to-ten scale, and the laurels go to the entries receiving the best average rating. Prizes can be (and have been) anything from cash to books to food to professional services, and more.
This year’s prize pool has a value of over $9,000. You must register your intent to enter by 1 September 2020, but the final deadline for your actual submission is 28 September 2020.

If you’re new to Interactive Fiction, there is a wealth of free software available, such as Ink and Twine for producing playable interactive scripts, as well as programming tools based on natural language, such as Inform7. Good examples of Interactive Fiction can be found via The Interactive Fiction Competition and The Interactive Fiction Database.

Final Deadline:

1st Sept. (registration), 28th Sept. (submission)

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