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The Immerse Education Essay Competition for Cambridge Summer School

Are you interested in attending the Immerse Cambridge Summer School at Cambridge University?

We offer a variety of summer programmes, from Architecture to Physics, and if you're looking to showcase your academic skills then this is the essay competition for you! The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers 10 applicants the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship to participate on an Immerse summer programme, while Runners-up will get a 70% scholarship.
Make sure you enter yourself in the age category that you will be next summer. ie. If you are 15 right now, but will turn 16 before next summer, enter into the 16-18 age category.
The list of essay questions is attached in one of the additional links at the bottom of this page, just choose the subject of the programme that you are most interested in participating at Cambridge Summer School.
- Architecture
- History
- Biology
- International Relations
- Chemistry
- Law
- Computer Science
- Management
- Creative Writing
- Mathematics
- Economics
- Medicine
- Engineering
- Philosophy
- English Literature
- Physics
- Female Future Leaders
- Psychology
- Geography
- Veterinary Medicine

There is no entry fee.
Word limit: 500 words (up to 550 is fine)
Your submission must be double-spaced.
The font must be Times New Roman with font size 11 points.
References and/or a bibliography are not necessary but they are strongly recommended. Please use the Oxford referencing system. Any references, bibliography and title do not count towards to the word count. You can find further referencing guidance in the second additional link.
You are welcome to include images, diagrams, tables and other visual elements in your essay as long as they are relevant to the content of your essay. Captions or labels are encouraged and do not count towards the word count.
If English is not your first language, our judges will take this into consideration when assessing your essay.

Final Deadline:

31st Aug.

Link for list of essay questions and link for referencing guidance:

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