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Stone Soup Flash Contest

Age limit: 14 and under
Every weekday morning, we publish a Daily Creativity prompt. We've decided to get you focused by turning every Monday's prompt into a Flash Contest! For this rolling weekly contest, all you have to do is pick up the Daily Creativity prompt published on a Monday, and submit your response to it via Submittable by midnight PST on the Friday of the same week.

Example of a prompt(changes every week - this one is from the week commencing April 20th):
Write a poem about a found object in your kitchen cupboard (or refrigerator)
Go into the kitchen. Stand in front of a cupboard with food in it (or the 'fridge). Close your eyes, open the door (or better still, have someone else open it for you), stretch out your hand, and touch something. Keep your hand where it is. Open your eyes. Look at the thing you are touching. Congratulations! You just found the object that you are going to write a poem about.

Genre and Length:
It depends on the prompt. Some of them will have specific instructions (e.g. write a 10 line poem, or a three paragraph piece of prose, or compose a still life photograph). Other writing prompts might be more open, suggesting you write a story or rework one you already have, or make a piece of art on a theme. Where the prompt specifies, follow the guidance on length and/or medium. If it doesn't specify, it's up to you how long or short you make your writing (but remember, this is a flash contest, so we don't expect you to write a novel!).

We will publish our top picks on the Stone Soup Blog; and announce each week's winners in the following week's Saturday Newsletter.

Final Deadline:

Fridays at 12:00 midnight (Pacific Time)

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