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Sarah Mook Poetry Contest for Students

Cash awards are $100 First Prize, $50 Second Prize, $25 Third Prize in each of four categories:
- Kindergarten - Grade 2 (up to 8 years old)
- Grade 3-5 (8-11)
- Grades 6-8 (11-14)
- Grades 9-12 (14-18)

With contest entries, an optional donation of $5.00 is appreciated. Those donations, payable to Sarah Mook Outreach Fund, will be given again this year in Sarah's name to Save the Children Fund for their work with refugee children here in the U.S. and all around the world. Thank you!

1. Enter up to TWO POEMS (No more) of the STUDENT'S ORIGINAL WORK. Poems can be of any length, on any subject, and in any style. Poems should be typed or word-processed.
2. Please include a SEPARATE COVER SHEET with the student's name, grade, school name (HOME SCHOOLERS WELCOME) and the poem titles. The student's name, address, or school should not appear on the poems themselves.

There is no online entry - please mail entries to: Sarah Mook Poetry Prize, 896 Ferncliff Road, Poultney, VT 05764

Final Deadline:

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