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Royal Society of Biology Photography Competition

This annual competition invites amateurs to submit photographs on a particular theme. This year's theme is 'Our changing world', so your photograph could illustrate the dynamic changes which occur within nature, including metamorphosis and shifts from young to adult. You might wish to depict how habitats develop during ecological succession, how wildlife adapts, or the impacts humans have on nature. We also welcome entries that explore this theme at the cellular, genetic and molecular level, exploring how life can change at a variety of different scales. There is no entry fee, and photographers will be shortlisted to be given the award of either Photographer of the Year (18 or over), who will receive £1,000 or Youth Photographer of the Year (under 18), who will receive £500. You may submit up to 3 photographs in JPEG or PNG form, and past photographs will be accepted.

Final Deadline:

24th Jul.

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