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Poetry Institute of Canada and Young Writers

This poetry contest is open to "all ages".
- Contest is "FREE" to enter
- Poems must not exceed 32 lines (spaces not included).
- One entry per poet/per contest
- Entry must be neatly written, or typed and must include your name, full mailing address, and age.
- Please keep a copy of your entry; it will not be returned
- Entry forms will be available soon (but not mandatory)
You may mail your entry to:

Open Ages Poetry Contest 2020
461 View Royal Avenue
Victoria, BC V9B 5L6

Or e-mail it to:
Please ensure the subject line reads: Open Ages Poetry Contest 2020.

Prizes available:
18 Years and Up
1st: $500
2nd: $50 (x 5)
3rd: $25 (x 10)
4th: Medallion (x 20)
Award of Excellence Certificates: 20-30

17 Years and Under
1st: $100
2nd: $50 (x 3)
3rd: $25 (x 5)
4th: Medallion (x 8)
Award of Excellence Certificates (up to 10)

Final Deadline:

31st Jul.

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