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JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

Age limit: 7-15
Theme: Our Earth in 2030
When you grow up, what kind of natural environment would you like to live in?
It's not only humans that are living on the Earth.
We share this planet with animals, birds, fish, insects, trees and plants.
Think of an Earth where all creatures can live together, and draw a picture from your imagination.
48 winners will receive special memorabilia. All entrants will receive a participation prize.
Please send your drawings to:
JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest Office
POB 264, Kyobashi Yubinkyoku, Tokyo, 104-8691, Japan

Requirements: Paper size 257×364mm or smaller.
Drawing tools: Draw in free hand with any type of paint, pastel, etc.
Please note that drawings with text (such as posters) are not eligible for the contest. Digital application is also not eligible.

Final Deadline:

31st May

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