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International Thai Film Festival

Age eligibility: No age limit
Summary of what it wants: (inc. major requirements) We are an internationally recognized film industry event and registered international film festival of Thailand. Open to all scales of productions, genres, and styles. Show us what you can do by telling your story and engaging the audience with your visuals. Main submission categories (with Thai films separated from International ones) include short film, animation, feature film, and music video.
Prizes Available: - International Short Film
- International Animation
- International Feature Film
- International Music Video
- Thai Short Film
- Thai Animation
- Thai Feature Film
- Thai Music Video
If you win your category you get a trophy, and cash prizes depend upon the generosity of our sponsors. For more details, follow the link to the website
Dates of deadlines for entries: Early Deadline - March 31 2020
Regular Deadline - June 14 2020
Extended Deadline - July 5 2020
Final Late Deadline - July 31 2020
Submission fee: Ranges from 330 baht to 3,137 baht depending on category and deadline chosen. (Therefore we would always highly recommend the Early Deadline)

Final Deadline:

31st Jul.

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