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FIIN Biodiversity Drawing Competition

Age limit: None
You can draw anything related to the theme of 'biological natural heritage', which may include natural regions, ecosystems, habitats and species of wild fauna and flora. We are seeking to launch the debate and reflection of society on the need to know, promote and conserve biodiversity.
There are two categories for this competition:
- Scientific Drawing - judges are looking for scientific accuracy, technical mastery and aesthetic quality, as well as the framing of the theme of the competition.
- Nature Drawing - judges are looking for expressive domain, aesthetic quality and framing in the theme of the contest.
Entry fee of €5 ( = 179 baht). See regulations in the link at the bottom of this page.
Scientific Drawing - 1st place:€500
- 2nd place: €200
- 3rd place: €100
Nature Drawing - 1st place: €250
- 2nd place: €100
- 3rd place:€50

Final Deadline:

6th Jul.

Link for regulations:

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