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Embracing our differences Art Exhibit

Age limit: None
Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. Without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and affect change around the world. Embracing Our Differences invites you to participate in creating a society where diversity is embraced and individuality is celebrated. Become a part of this change by submitting your original art to Embracing Our Differences and its annual international outdoor juried art exhibit. Since its launch, the exhibit has hosted over 3 million visitors. Artwork should be submitted online as a digital file, reflecting your interpretation of the theme 'Enriching lives through diversity and inclusion.' For more details on how to upload your file and how it should be labelled, follow the link to the website. Artwork previously submitted to other competitions is still welcome. There is no entry fee. There are three prizes of $1,000: 'Best-in-Show Adult', 'Best-in-Show Student' and the 'People's Choice', which is selected out of the 50 pieces of art chosen for the exhibit. However, being selected is already an amazing achievement and an honour in itself. See examples of what they may be looking for in the gallery. They also have a quotations competition to go with the artwork - you can search for it on our database.

Final Deadline:

7th Oct.

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