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BDFIL Concours Nouveau Talent

Age limit: 15 and over
The 2020 theme of the Comix competition is 'Spaghetti' and every project should present a complete story, on one board A4 or A3 vertical, with or without text, and be connected with the theme. Although the website of the competition is in French, there are English instructions beneath the French if you look carefully, as well as an English version of the rules and regulations document attached (can find in our additional link below if you can't find it on the website). Prizes:
- 1st prize: CHF 2,000 ( = 67,612 baht)
- 2nd prize: CHF 1,500 ( = 50,709 baht)
- 3rd prize: CHF 1,000 ( = 33,806 baht)
- A special prize, worth CHF 500, which is equal to 16,903 baht will be awarded by visitors to the exhibition during the Festival.
There is no entry fee.

Final Deadline:

30th Jun.

For English version of rules and regulations:

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