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Artists Network: Strokes of Genius

Age limit: None
From quick contour sketches to carefully rendered drawings with a full range of values, we welcome you to submit JPG files of your drawings online. Artwork can be in any dry medium that would be traditionally considered drawing. This includes-but is not limited to-pencil, charcoal, Conté crayon, pen and ink, scratchboard, silverpoint, coloured pencil, pastel and even some wet paint mediums if used in a linear or sketchy manner. All works must be original and cannot be based off other artists' work.
One First Place Winner will receive:
$2,000 in cash (65,380 baht)
One Second Place Winner will receive:
$1,000 in cash (32,690 baht)
One Third Place Winner will receive:
$500 in cash (16,345 baht)
10 Honourable Mention Winners will receive:
A 1-year subscription to Artists Network TV, valued at $199.99 (6,538 baht)
Entry fees:
First entry - $45 (1,471 baht)
Each additional entry - $40 (1,308 baht)
For entrants under 18, a parent or guardian must submit their work for them.

Final Deadline:

1st Jun.

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